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Frequently Asked Questions

                 What options do you offer for sessions?  What is the cost? 

                                                  And what do I receive?


  • I offer an hour session for $450 and a 30 minute session for $295  (dependent on location) 

  •  Weddings start at $3,600 for an 8-hour day.

  • With each session you receive an online gallery of your individually edited images

  • The number of images is not limited

  • With an hour session, you also receive an individually designed app for your mobile phone                                                                  with a sampling of your make sharing them easier with friends and family

  • You have access and the rights to download the entire gallery

  • Professional prints are available to order directly from the site and will be shipped to your home

​                                                                 What should we wear?​

     The outfits you choose can really  help make your photos  even more beautiful! And I LOVE to help my                                                           families with this! So if you would like some help coordinating your family's outfits, please text me some of

     the options you are considering and I am happy to help you decide!  Scroll down to see some examples of

    color schemes that work well for family photos.

  • I generally recommend sticking with solid colors that complement each other.  (The days of  everyone                                          matching in white shirts and jeans or khakis is in the past! )

  • In a family grouping of 4 or less, I recommend only one person be in clothing that has a print

  • In families of  5 or more, two  people in prints is fine

  • Start with one person who has a shirt or dress that  you  love and coordinate the colors around that item 

  • Sticking with neutral solids is an easy way to get started. Then add a few pops of color... by adding                                                        a scarf , jacket, jewelry, or a stylish hat.  Adding  different textures of  fabrics can also enhance your photos

  • It is recommended to stay away from baseball caps, shirts with large logos and designs, and bright                                                neon colors

                                     What should we bring to the session?

  •    A water bottle. It's pretty dry here in Wyoming and we might be doing some walking, so stay hydrated!  

  •    Bring some non-messy snacks for the kiddos. We can take some breaks to keep them content and happy!  

  •    If you have a blanket or a quilt with colors that coordinate with your outfits, bring it along for some poses    

  •    A favorite toy your little one loves that could help bring some smiles or comfort if needed

                               Sample Color  Palettes for Your  Outfits....


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