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My passion is lifestyle photography... storytelling with my camera... capturing memories and natural beauty and genuine interactions all around me! But first and foremost, I am a mom to 4 beautiful and very active kiddos (ages 20, 19, 16, and 11). Yes, that's 3 young adult and teenage girls ...and their little brother, who is far outnumbered! I am enjoying the fact that I now have girls who enjoy drinking coffee with me. (Two of them even work as  baristas! Bonus!)


I also enjoy exercising and being in the outdoors. Although I much prefer the warmth of the beach, I am learning to love winter activities here in Wyoming. The beauty of a fresh snowfall on the mountain (that is practically in our backyard) is pretty enticing for Nordic skiing and snowshoeing...and for taking lots of magical, winter wonderland photos!


Prior to Wyoming, our family was living overseas in Ecuador.  This is where my enjoyment of photography slowly transformed into a business. I was so inspired by the beauty and colors of that amazing country and all of the lovely people with whom we crossed paths. And so I was often found with a camera in hand, capturing and documenting it all! 

Now, almost 12 years after the start of my business, I am still passionate about capturing the joy in everyone's journeys. Even when life is difficult, there is always beauty to be found and blessings we can focus on, be grateful for,  and remember. I enjoy helping my clients discover these God-given treasures as I capture their family memories.


Thank you to Malinak Photography for capturing these images of our family in Guapulo, Ecuador!


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